Have Dozens Of 'Ready-to-Buy' Implant Patients In Your Chair Month After Month...GUARANTEED
Read below to learn how you can FINALLY have an automated system that GUARANTEES a steady stream of implant patients each and every month.
Marketing Is One of THE MOST Frustrating Parts of Growing a Successful Practice
Let's face it, one of the most hardest, frustrating and most time consuming parts of growing a thriving dental practice is creating a steady stream of prospects that are qualified and interested in the high value services you offer.

Unfortunately, many of the tools and techniques used today are neither predictable NOR consistent. The amount of competition has increased exponentially and many of the tactics used are extremely ineffective.

Today, I'm going to share with you a system that eliminates all of this frustration and uncertainty and creates predictable, consistent streams of qualified, interested prospects that are ready to take action RIGHT NOW.

I'll explain more about how exactly this system works, but first...
Who This Message and Opportunity Is For
Before we go too much further, let me take a minute to clarify who this message is for. While we'd love the opportunity to help every dentist looking to grow their practice, it simply isn't possible.  

We're serious about getting you results, but for that to happen you need to meet a couple of very simple criteria:
  •  Offer Dental Implants
  •  Serious about growth
  •  Currently spending money on marketing
  •  Have assets we can use to build your custom marketing funnel
If you met these four criteria, FANTASTIC! Keep reading to learn more.

If for some reason you don't quite meet the criteria, we still might be able to help via one of our other powerful, patient-producing marketing systems.

Please reach out to us and let us know what kind of help you're looking for.
Who Am I and Why Should You Pay Attention
Next, why should you pay attention to what I have to say today?

I've been working with local businesses for the past 15 years, dental practices for the past 8 years.  We've had LOTS of successes, including adding $150K/yr of revenue to one practice and several others with 6-figure increases

In fact, here are two clients we've been fortunate enough to work with:
While we've had a great deal of success over the years, we've also had our fair share of failures.

You see, if I've learned one thing over the past 15 years working to help small businesses like yours grow, it's that many of the methods employed by marketing agencies are outdated, ineffective and ultimately, don't do enough to give you what you ultimately want - patients in your chairs seeking high value services.
So, Why Is Marketing So Dang Hard!?!
The reason marketing is so hard is because it's essentially like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  

In fact, John Wannamaker, someone many consider to be the father of modern advertising is credited with a statement that still holds true today.  He said,
I'm sure you've experienced this frustration of spending lots of money on marketing, only to get less than stellar returns and leaving you frustrated not knowing why a particular marketing strategy or campaign didn't do better.

I have no doubt you provide an excellent service, but effective marketing requires you to:
  •  Figure out who your ideal prospect is
  •  Figure out where these prospects are 'hanging out'
  •  Put yourself in front of these prospects so they can know who you are
  •  Create an effective offer that encourages them to start a conversation
  •  Present them with various offers to move them from prospect to patient
While these challenges are daunting enough on their own, you must also consider the fact that even once you've identified all of the above information, not everyone is going to be ready to take action RIGHT NOW.

In fact, as the graphic below demonstrates, only about 3% of your IDEAL PROSPECTS are ready to take action and buy right now.
Only 3% of your IDEAL Target Market are ready to buy RIGHT NOW
Now, while you should still have tools and systems in place to capture, nurture and eventually convert the remaining 97% of prospects not quite ready to take action, because only 3% are ready to take action now, you're investing A LOT of money and resources into something that won't pay dividends for a while. If at all.
Introducing InMarket Leads and Our GUARANTEED Implant Patient System
Well thanks to some advances in online technologies, we now have the capability to identify with pinpoint accuracy exactly who those 3% of your ideal prospects ready to take action RIGHT NOW are.

That's right! That means now you can invest your marketing dollars with confidence knowing you'll be able to quickly recoup your investment, instead of having to wait for months or years to see it pay off!

How does this GUARANTEED Implant System work?

First, let me explain how it is we're able to identify who the 3% of your target market ready to take action are.
We Monitor 400+ Data Sources and Track 50 Billion Data Alerts Every Day
Unlike most marketing where you start your targeting efforts with your 'best guess' of who you think your ideal target is and where they might be 'hanging out' so you can position yourself in front of them with an interesting offer, we start with very clear data that tells us who is looking for you RIGHT NOW.

Plus, we know EXACTLY where they are so we don't have to guess anymore!

Now, before we get too far it's important to understand that each of us has our own digital signature - essentially our online personality that is unique as your finger prints. 

Like it or not, your behavior (and that or your potential patients) is being tracked and recorded and our data partner has relationships with 400+ data providers that are tracking online activities of.....well, everyone!  

Everything from the TV shows you watch, food you eat, cars you drive, political affiliations, online shopping habits, information you're looking at online, videos your watching, etc. is being recorded and it's this information that gives us the insight we need to figure out who your 3% is that's ready to take action now. 

These provider relationships also include payment processors, which ties everything you do to CURRENT contact information (Name, Address, Phone and Email) every time a purchase is made.

Now, to put this information to work helping you get dozens of 'ready-to-buy' dental implant patients in your chair each month, we seed our data collection system with at least 1,000 keywords people could use to search for dental implants.

We also give the system a specific geographic area (only 1 practice per geographic area) to work with so you can rest easy knowing the prospects we'll be generating are actually in your basic service area. 

Once the system has been setup with the target keywords and geographic target area, it puts out sensors looking for 'alerts', which are essentially actions that indicate someone is actively looking for the services you provide.

The entire system is currently capturing over 50 billion of these 'alerts' each day and at the end of each week, a new list of targeted prospects is created for you based on the specific search terms we've identified as indicators for someone ready to take action soon.
Every Week The Targeted List Gets Loaded Into Your Custom Implant Marketing System
Once your weekly list of people actively looking for dental implants has been created, we take that list and drop it into a very sophisticated, semi-automated marketing system that converts these potential patients into actual patients.

(We say "semi-automated" because there are a few things your team will need to do to keep the system updated, but don't worry, these actions are very simple to and don't require much time to complete)

At a high level, this semi-automated system includes the following:
  •  Targeted advertising via paid media, specifically Facebook or direct mail
  •  A KILLER offer that is virtually impossible for them to ignore and turn down
  •  Automated follow-up sequences via email, text message, phone, etc.
  •  Resources to help convert prospects into patients
The goal of this system is get LOTS of these targeted, qualified prospects into your chair so you can do your usual treatment plan presentation.

One critical key here is that you MUST already be fairly proficient at converting in-chair prospects into actual patients.  

While we will be delivering prospects that are in that 3% ready to take action, it is ultimately up to you to convert these prospects into patients. 
Not Everyone Is Going To Buy Right Now
As much as I'd like to tell you everyone will take action right now, not everyone will.  
That's okay though because for those that don't actually move forward initially, you simply move them to the secondary automated marketing system that will continue to stay in touch with, educate and ultimately, convert these prospects into paying patients.

And the best part is, the majority of the converting is done via automation!

One of the beauties of this system is that once you've put a lead into the system, it will continue to follow-up with the highly targeted patients over time and there's nothing further you or your team will need to do!
So What EXACTLY Are You Getting With This Implant Marketing System?
Ultimately, what you'll be getting is a GUARANTEED # of dental implant patients each and every month

The way we'll accomplish this is via our ability to generate a list of highly targeted leads that are part of the 3% of your target market that are ready to take action RIGHT NOW and a semi-automated conversion system that moves these targeted prospects to implant patients.

More specifically, you'll receive:
  •  A new list of hot, ready-to-buy targeted implant prospects every week
  •  Facebook ads that will deliver your special offer to these hot prospects  
  •  A fully automated lead capture and follow-up system that will connect with       these prospects via email, video, telephone and direct mail where appropriate
  •  A fully automated secondary follow-up system for those that don't move             forward after their initial visit so you can convert many of these 'undecideds'
  •  The majority of content needed, including emails, special reports, case studies,       videos, etc. (You'll need to provide a few pieces of content as mentioned above)
  •  Detailed reporting each and every week so you know EXACTLY how the                   campaign is performing
  •  All the setup, technology and training needed to make the system work
  •  Unlimited direct access to our team to answer questions and provide support
This Is What's Expected Of You If You Participate
While the vast majority of heaving lifting will be done by my team, there are still a few things you'll be responsible for. You must:
  •  Have assets we can use OR be willing to create them including, patient               testimonials (written  and/or video), video of you talking about your practice             and/or inviting patients to schedule an appointment, information about your           processes within the office, and any other assets we collectively identify.
  • Be available to discuss your system setup and provide feedback during              the initial setup phase AND the throughout the duration of your participation in      the program.
  • Pay for any advertising or production and mailing costs. Because we'll have      a highly targeted list of prospects to target on Facebook, the costs will only be          fairly minimal at around $100-250/mo. Direct mail costs could be considerably        more, but we will collectively decide if it's an option you want to pursue.
Initial Access Limited To Only 5 Practices
So why only 5 practices initially?

We're limiting this first group to just 5 practices because we will be working with you very closely to build out an implement an automated marketing system that has been customized for your practice.

There is A LOT of work that needs to be done in order to deploy your customized marketing system and any more than 5 practices will limit our ability to give your system the time and attention required to make it an 'implant patient generating machine'.

As a matter of fact, we're going above and beyond to make sure your implant system is creating consistent, predictable revenue by offering you our:
10X Your Investment GUARANTEE

When you join this initial beta group, we guarantee that you'll generate at least a 10X return on your investment in this program OR we'll work for free, including paying your advertising costs until such time as you have recouped 10X your initial investment.

That's right! Get a 10X return or it's on us until you do, including the advertising costs!
A Few More Details About The Guarantee
Don't worry, this isn't where I pull a total bait-and-switch and give you a list of hard-to-meet criteria before the guarantee applies. No, it's pretty straightforward, but it is important to lay out expectations.

First, you must participate for the full 3 month period of this initial beta group launch.  Because it takes several months to fine-tune the data/lead collection process, a full 90 days is necessary to maximize it's effectiveness.

Second, you must provide 100% transparency as to where each prospect is in your internal sales process. If we can't see EXACTLY where prospects are at in the system, there's no way we can know what needs to be done in order to improve the process.

Finally, you must understand that things won't be perfect right out of the gate. While we're VERY GOOD at building out these automated marketing systems, your system will be somewhat unique to you, your practice and the way you do things.  

Because of this, there will be hiccups and speed bumps.  We understand this and are prepared to work through them.  We need you to be too.

At the end of the day, after the initial 3 months, if you're not happy with the return you've received, just let us know and we'll gladly turn off any further billing and will continue working until your 10X return has been achieved.
"Enough Already, How Much Does It Cost?"
At this point, I'm sure you're just ready to get to the heart of the matter and find out how much it's going to cost to participate.

Remember, what you're ultimately getting is a semi-automated system that puts a steady stream of dental implant patients in your chair that are ready to take action.  

So instead of wasting your hard-earned marketing dollars wondering if your next marketing campaign will work, you can predict and plan for growth.

In order to participate, the investment is 3 monthly payments of $2,500/mo for a total commitment of $7,500. 

There is no setup fee and we'll even help create the assets you need (testimonials, videos, etc.) at no additional cost (this would normally incur additional fees to create these assets).

If you choose to continue with the program after 3 months your monthly payment will NEVER go up. Ever.

Now, we will be reopening the program in a few months, but there will be a significant set up fee (~$5K) AND a significantly higher monthly program fee (~$4-5K/mo). 

Plus, we'll charge to help create the additional assets we'll need to effectively deploy the system.

For the first 5 though, no setup fees and your monthly investment will NEVER go increase as long as your active in the program.
Secure Your Spot Now Before They're All Gone!
Remember, there are only 5 spots available for this initial group and at this low investment.  

Plus, your investment is 100% covered by our 10X your investment guarantee so you can rest easy knowing you'll generate AT LEAST $75,000 in new implant revenue.  

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and secure your spot right now before these 5 spots are gone.  We've sent this invitation to over 4,000 dental professionals so we know these spots will go fast.  Don't be left on the outside looking in!

Claim your spot right now and get your customized, semi-automated implant marketing system.
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